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Christensen Broadcasting
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STATIONS KLOH u2014 Pipestone, KISD u2014 Pipestone, and KJOEu2013 Slayton, MN

December 1, 2020 to November 30, 2021

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Part-time position-filled: 1-Sales representatives to cover a specific coverage area with some Sports announcing duties. 2-Sports announcers only

Christensen Broadcasting
EEO Exhibit

OUTREACH ACTIVITIES: December 1, 2020 to November 30, 2021

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, some of these could not be implemented this year.

  1. Internship Program Available: provides high school or college students with training by station staff and management. Training includes announcing and production.
  2. On the Job Training: provides staff meetings for current employees designed to give them additional skills. Refresher courses in efficient voice tracking, producing creative impressions, role playing sales presentations and the use of new technology and equipment in broadcasting are held either for all staff or sometimes on a one-on-one basis. We also provided access to teaching webinars.
  3. Mentoring/Shadowing Program Available: in cooperation with the high school, provides high school students a close up working relationship with staff members, giving them information about and encouraging them to consider a career in broadcasting. We have elementary, middle school, and high school students do weekly on-air work in conjunction with announcing school news, 4-H activities and other student related activities. We participate in the Shadow program where any student from any school interested in careers in broadcasting are invited to participate on the air, shadowing our announcers. One salesperson is mentoring an individual this year.
  4. Internet Program: positions will be posted on our Internet web site, the Minnesota Broadcasters Association Job bank website, the EEO 1 website, and if they become available.
  5. On air announcements: letting people or organizations know how to contact us in the event they want to be notified of any job openings we might have during the year. We also have contact information on our website.
  6. Station Tours: given to interested civic and school groups where on air personalities and management inform about their jobs and broadcasting careers. Local 4-H groups have toured our facility and did some announcing during National 4-H week. Our general manager gave a presentation to the students of CEO of Southwest Minnesota an Entrepreneurship education group with an emphasis on radio, radio advertising and marketing.
  7. At Minnesota West Technical College in Pipestone, our announcers are available to speak to students about various careers in broadcasting. Our personnel have given presentations on radio broadcasting to civic leaders and service organizations like the Kiwanis.
  8. CEO Program: Students from local school districts, participating in a wonderful program where they are taught how to communicate and become professional business leaders, came to the radio station so we could present to them how to communicate and advertise for their business and reasons why it would benefit them and their business to the fullest. We also explained what we do and the reasons and steps we have taken to get where we are in our own business.
  9. Sports Live streaming: Local high school students learned about broadcasting and being able to video the sports games for the public that aren’t able to make it to the games. They also learned to Update the advertising impressions to video impressions.

When we have job openings at our station, we strive to provide broad outreach to all qualified applicants. Organizations or institutions of learning may be an excellent source of applicant referrals. We will send vacancy information to all interested in receiving such information and assisting us in our outreach. We will provide job vacancy information in written notification, phone calls, emails or faxes. If anyone would like to receive job vacancy notices, please provide us with the contact personu2019s name, mailing address or email, telephone number or fax number. Please send information to:

Collin Christensen
Manager KLOH, KISD, KJOE, KDWC Radio
P.O Box 456
Pipestone, MN 56164

Phone: 507-825-4282
Fax: 507-825-3364

This station is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Other referral sources used to seek candidates when job vacancies arise:

Dakota State University 820 N Washington Ave Madison, SD 57042
Minnesota Work Force Center u2013 Lyon Co Courthouse 607 W Main Street Marshall, MN 56258
South Dakota State University Wec 115 Brookings, SD 57006
Southeast Technical Institute 2301 N Career Pl Sioux Falls, SD 57107
Minnesota West Community and Technical College 1314 N Hiawatha Ave Pipestone, MN 56164
Minnesota West Community and Technical College 011 First Street Canby, MN 56220
Southwest Minnesota State University 1501 State Street Marshall, MN 56258